flutter [flutt-er] noun: a state or sensation of tremulous excitement

   i.e. "her insides were in a flutter" synonyms: wave, rush, surge, chill, pulsation

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Ready to think outside the box? Are you setting your own trends?  Do you want to rock what you want to rock? 

Chic, different, independent, weird, quirky, modern, traditional?

 We do BRIDAL your way.  

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Awesome Couple: Kori + Dayne

Lizzie P

Customer Service: OUTSTANDING- I had Tyler assist me and he was hands down the best. I felt at ease and not pressured to buy a dress. He was the easiest guy to talk to and was extremely knowledgeable about designers, material, logistics(getting the dress from A-B), and just so bubbly and optimistic! So lucky I had him!

T.G.I.F.F. - Thank gawd I Found Flutter!

Sara R

I cannot say enough positive things about Flutter. I went there after a long day of shopping at other shops, and had the best experience with Kirby. She was so attentive, and helped me pick a bunch of dresses to try on. After trying on a handful, I wasn't finding anything I liked and she pulled one final dress and encouraged me to try it on, even though it wasn't something that looked like what I was looking for. AND I AM SO GLAD SHE DID. The minute I put the dress on, I knew it was the one. I so appreciate Kirby and how much she listened to what I was looking for, and encouraged me to try things that I wasn't immediately drawn to.Overall, I am so unbelievably happy with my experience with Flutter and the friendly ladies who helped me find and get the dress of my dreams!

Lisa P

We could not have been more pleased with everything about Flutter. The store is beautiful. The dresses on point. But most importantly, the customer service is absolutely outstanding. They made the entire experience relaxed, yet focused on the task at hand. Helpful, but in no way pushy. This was my daughter's first time trying on dresses and I was nervous it was going to stress her out and scare her away from the entire wedding process, which was part of the reason we chose Flutter (that and because I believed them when they said they know their 'stuff' and they do!). It was the best decision we made and we cannot imagine getting a dress anywhere else.

Jennifer L 

 Wow! This is my first time dress shopping and flutter was the very first place I went. I was nervous beforehand because my fiancee is a transgender woman and I am plus size. We both wanted a non traditional dress with in it it and Kolby and Kirby were amazing help. They made us feel welcome and comfortable and helped us both find dresses. Colby was super great with customizing the dress and talking through our worries. Overall it was an amazing experience. 12/10 would recommend.